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Although I’m not great with words, whenever I share with others regarding Kenzie, my adopted daughter from China, I speak from the heart. Kenzie has Sjorgren-Larsson Syndrome, brain injury, and development delays. She is non-verbal, but speaks volumes with her smile!

Because of Kenzie’s syndrome, we see many medical specialists. As our dentists, Dr. Andi and Dr. Jaime also play an important role on the healthcare team that treats our daughter. They keep us up-to-date on all of Kenzie’s ongoing treatments and required procedures. I think special-needs kiddo’s mouths often get overlooked with all the other therapies they receive and specialty appointments they must keep, but Just Kids Dental doesn’t let that happen!

Just Kids Dental child smiling

We were over-the-moon happy with Dr. Andi’s suggestion of using zirconia (all white) crowns for Kenzie’s dental work. My daughter’s smile is so magnetic it can light up a room, and Dr. Andi was determined to preserve Kenzie’s trademark smile. She worked directly with Kenzie’s medical specialists to get the dental treatment approved to be done under general anesthesia at a local hospital in Sheboygan. This not only saved us having to travel potentially out of state for treatment, but also allowed us to have the treatment done by a doctor we know and trust.

Children with special healthcare needs deserve all the dignity that every other child deserves, and the doctors at Just Kids Dental see to it that they receive the same kind of respect. Dr. Andi treated Kenzie just like she would any other child, and didn’t treat her differently because of her special healthcare needs.

Since Kenzie is not able to speak for herself, we are so grateful to have Dr. Andi using her expertise to be our daughters voice, advocating on her behalf regarding her dental health needs. Thank you, Dr. Andi, for preserving Kenzie’s beautiful, magnetic smile. After all, we know that it’s her smile that makes our Kenzie, Kenzie.